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Heat Transfer Printing

If you are looking for a quick inexpensive way of customizing your shirts we offer heat transfer printing, This method allows us to transfer your images and or place numbers and letters to any garment with a heat press.

What is Heat Transfer Printing?

Heat printing, also known as heat transfer printing, is the process of applying heat-applied materials to garments and/or other surfaces with a heat press. When heat is applied by a heat press to the material, the material adheres to the substrate to which it is being applied. The end result is a custom decorated garment.

Advantage of Heat Transfers - Heat Transfer is an inexpensive and long lasting digital print and we are able to print single products with this specific method of garment decoration.

Disadvantage of Heat Transfer - The disadvantage about transfer printing is the quality of the photo will be based on the outcome of the printed photo. (ex if you take a picture and your image its low quality the final print will be exactly the same as your photo)


Heat Transfer Printing FAQ's

What are the minimum quantities

With heat transfer printing we are able to do single items for you since this is a digital print and does not require any set up other than the design.

What type of garments can you print on?

Any garment type basically. Let us help you find the right garment choice for you. Click here

Can I Bring My Own Garments

Yes, with this method we can transfer your images/designs into your own garments.

Is it more expensive to use more colors?

Yes and no,
Price will vary depending on your art, if you required more than one vinyl color the price will change due to the process of placing and aligning various colors.
If its digital print then the colors don't matter it can be printed full color for the same price.

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